Floating Cover Solutions

Geomembranes based system for tight coverage that remains floating, used in both Hydraulic Works and Environment. In the first case, the floating cover is intended to prevent evaporation or protect the content of external agents (airborne dust, pollution, organisms, algae, etc.). This is the case of drinking water. In the second case, the objective of the floating cover is to eliminate odors, mitigate pollutant gas emissions to the atmosphere or simply establish a biological reactor for the further processing and exploitation of gas. It is recommended to use a mechanically resistant material with the greatest dimensional stability to minimize the effects of temperature cycles, and also flexible enough to adapt to different water levels or wind waves and efforts throughout its service life.
These are the reasons why a reinforced product is often used, though there are innovative products achieving these characteristics without reinforcing mesh. Atarfil have this kind of high tech materials: consult The chemical resistance of the geomembrane is also a relevant aspect, depending on the application.

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