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This Legal Notice regulates access to and use of the various contents and information included in or accessible through the web site, (hereinafter, the web site), owned by ATARFIL, S.L. (hereinafter, ATARFIL). For merely using the web site, you acquire the condition of user. Use of the web site and of any of the services of the same means that you agree as the user, without any reservation, to all these general conditions and to any particular conditions that may be in force, if applicable.



1. Users are hereby bound, in general, to use both the web site and the content, services and information linked to the same, diligently and in accordance with the law, with moral standards, with public order and with the provisions set forth in this Legal Notice, and users must likewise abstain from using them in any way that may prevent the web site’s other users from the normal operation and use of the content of the same or that may harm or cause damage to the assets and rights of ATARFIL, of its suppliers, of its users or, in general, of any third party. More specifically, but without hereby limiting the general scope of the obligations set forth in the preceding sentence, users are bound, when using the web site and the services linked to the same, to:
a) Not introduce, store or distribute, through the web site or through any of the services linked to the same, any computer program, data, virus, code or any other electronic instrument or device that may be likely to cause damages to the web site, to any of the services linked to the same or to any equipment, systems or networks of ATARFIL, of any user, of any of ATARFIL’s suppliers or, in general, of any third party, or that, in any other way, may be capable of causing any type of alteration to them or preventing the normal operation of the same.
b) Not to use false identifies or impersonate the identity of others for use of the web site or of any of the services linked to the same, including the use, if applicable, of the passwords or access codes of third parties or the use of passwords or access codes in any other way.
c) Not to destroy, alter, make unusable or damage the electronic data, information, programs or documents of ATARFIL, of its suppliers or of third parties.
d) Not to use the content, particularly the information obtained through the web site, to forward advertising, send messages for commercial purposes or collect or store the personal data of third parties.


2. The user acknowledges that all elements of the web site; the information and materials contained in the same; the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of the content thereof; and the computer programs used in relation to the same are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of the ATARFIL itself or of third parties.
3. Unless the user is authorised by ATARFIL or, if applicable, by the third parties who may own the corresponding rights or at least may be legally permitted, the user may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, do reverse engineering on, distribute, lease, provide, make available to or allow public access to, through any public communication mode, any of the elements referred to in the preceding paragraph.
4. Users must use the materials, elements and information that they access through using the web site solely for their own needs, and they are hereby bound not to make commercial use, either directly or indirectly, of either the services or of the materials, elements and information obtained from the same.
5. Users must abstain from eliminating the identifying signs of the rights (of intellectual or industrial property or any other) of ATARFIL or of the third parties that may be included in the web site and in the content offered through the same.
6. Likewise, users must abstain from avoiding or manipulating any technical devices established by ATARFIL or by third parties, either on the web site or in any of the materials, elements or information obtained through the same, for the protection of their rights.


7. ATARFIL will facilitate the use of personal passwords with respect to certain services provided through the web site. Users must keep passwords in the strictest and absolute confidentiality under their own responsibility, thereby assuming all damages and consequences of any kind that may be derived from a violation or revelation of the secret. For security reasons, the password for telematic access to the services linked to the web site may be modified by users.


8. Users hereby give their consent so that ATARFIL may send them commercial communications referring to its products or services, either by e-mail, by postal mail or by any other means, and they may request, at any time, that these communications cease to be sent. To do so, and to make any other consultation or comment, users may address ATARFIL via postal mail at, Ctra. de Córdoba, km 429 - 18230 Atarfe - Granada - Spain or by sending an e-mail to


9. ATARFIL undertakes to make every necessary effort to guarantee the availability and continuity of both the web site and the services linked to the same. Nevertheless, ATARFIL cannot guarantee that the web site and the services linked to the same will work correctly at all times or that users can access them and use them quickly, without interruption and free from errors. Likewise, ATARFIL does not grant any warranty with respect to the suitability and content of the web site or of any of the services linked to the same for satisfying the specific needs of users.
10. ATARFIL will act diligently according to generally accepted uses in the sector to prevent the presence at the web site or in any of the services linked to the same, of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause alterations to the computer system or the electronic documents or files of users, but it cannot guarantee the absence of such elements and may not be held liable for the damages that could be caused by the same.
11. ATARFIL does not control or endorse or guarantee the accuracy, quality, veracity, reliability or suitability of the information and services provided or rendered by third parties through the web site. Likewise, it does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the content or services provided or rendered by third parties through the web site.
12. ATARFIL does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy or veracity of the content and services available at sites that belong to or are managed by third parties and that users may access through links from this web site. ATARFIL does not control the content of said web sites or offer or market the products and services that are available at the web sites that are thus linked, nor does it consequently assume any liability for the same.


Without prejudice to the liability for damages that could be derived, ATARFIL may, immediately and without the need for prior notice, terminate and deem its relationship with users to be ended, thereby interrupting their access to the web site or to the corresponding services thereof, if it detects use of the same or of any of the services linked to the same that may be contrary to the general or particular conditions that may be applicable.