Principles of the company

The fundamental principles governing the company has not been elected or defined by their managers, but developed with Atarfil as the company, team, suppliers, customers and other assets have made the company grow up.


Transparency as an essential premise to establish bonds of trust with our social and economic environment. Clarity, information and good performance: thus we get transparency as an organization.


Feeling that we all are part of the same project, involving all participants as a team to reach a common goal: finding solutions for our customers under the premises of professionalism, efficiency and strength.

SUSTAINABILITY. Products that help to implement sustainable solutions in applications of high social responsibility as Environmental Protection and Water Management. We encourage the intelligent use of resources by improving processes and responsible consumption. We focus on Quality as a central axiom of Sustainability

These principles are immovable, three assumptions applied in the daily work of all components of Atarfil. We know that large part on the success of Atarfil depends on application of these principles.